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The secret to our success. . . We look on every client as a gift and we treasure them. Because of that, we show incredible tenacity as we work on their behalf. They’re worth it!

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To contact me, please call or text my cell # 820-8559

My name is Linda Zemler. So glad you popped in on my website and gave my team the opportunity to introduce themselves. Hopefully someday we’ll  have the opportunity to meet you as well.

I’ve been in Real Estate since 2006 and am quite passionate about my work. I love challenges and it is always a challenge to get our listings sold quickly for the highest price possible.


When I’m not at work, I’m passionate about loving my husband, my 5 children and my 8 incredibly beautiful and brilliant grandchildren (all under the age of 6). I’ve discovered that after working a 12 hour day, the perfect way to unwind is to giggle on the floor with a 3 year old.


Carl Lundgren



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Carl Lundgren:

I have 4 themes to my life. Communication, Competition, Winning-Others-Over, and Achieving.

Communication is the art of story-telling; presenting information, events, and people in the best way possible. Whether through dance, music, writing or film, I have always sought the best way to tell every story. From producing international albums in England to shooting commercials in Southern California, I have traveled and studied the art of presenting ideas and telling people’s stories.

Competition is what drives my work and my play. As much as I enjoy soccer, football, racquetball, and kickboxing I cannot stand watching any of them on TV. Half the fun of the game is the competition. Competition is also what drives my work. It is what drove me to build three separate companies into major competitors in their perspective industry. Within one year of management I had double or tripled their market share. I have attributed my success in industries ranging from aviation to manufacturing with one common thread . . . competitive negotiating. My favorite part of real estate is competing for our clients; pressing every advantage, pushing every possible option, and not negotiating to survive but to win.

Behind every home, bank, and law firm is a real flesh-n-blood person. The necessity of Winning-Others-Over is not important . . . it’s ALL IMPORTANT! As a Wedding Planner and Master of Ceremonies I had the pleasure of working with 50+ brides, grooms, fathers-of-the-bride, Mothers-of-the-groom, family of the brides, family of the grooms, and those other people who somehow got invited. When it comes to weddings, if there were 5 people in the room you would get 25 different agendas. I quickly learned the art of Winning-Others-Over to the one-and-only bride’s agenda. This has never been more true than in negotiating short-sales. The art of Winning-Others-Over is the process of closing a short sale.

Achievement is the constant chant inside my head every morning when I wake-up. It may steal the joy of a simple day but it is the push needed to get the job done. If something is undone I feel like the whole day has been for nothing. This is why some of my favorite hobbies are rock climbing, biking, surfing, and mountaineering. Each is fantastic journey toward a goal that can be achieved, however difficult.

I was once questioned about my mountaineering:

“How can you plan so much, train so long, and work so hard on something with so many variable that the chance of success is slim to none?”

My answer . . .

“Because it makes the view sweeter . . . and it prepares me for work on Monday.”



Laura Sanderson

Learn more about Laura, our Exclusive Buyer's Agent


My specialty is being the match maker of real estate.  I diligently study the current inventory of homes in Whatcom County and then match that to what my clients are looking for.  As a buyer’s specialist I help clients to find their dream home, however small or large. I do this by listening first to what my client is looking for and then scouring the market until the home is found.  “It’s like a treasure hunt for me and I get the best reward! That moment when I can hand someone the keys to their new home and watch their eyes light up”

Having lived in Whatcom County for 23+ years, I know the area very well.  My husband Tim and I are still very much in love and have raised our 5 kids in Whatcom County and now take a great joy in my grandchildren.

Jenny Johnson



Learn more about Jenny, our Manager & Client Care Specialist


My name is Jenny Johnson and I would like to introduce myself to you and I look forward to getting to know you soon.

I obtained my Real Estate license in 2003 after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and knew I wanted to know more about this investing world.

Now, my husband since 2001, Kevin, and I have 2 beautiful daughters that both came to us in 2010.  Claire was just 2 months old when, Mahder, joined us at the age of 5 from Ethiopia, Africa completing our family.

My husband is a teacher at Sehome High School and I am fortunate to be on the Linda Zemler Real Estate Team.

I am the Manager/Client Care Specialist and get to make sure our Luxury to Short Sale sellers have the little details that they need taken care of to get their home sold.

Being blessed to be with this concierge concept real estate team is exactly a perfect fit and what I have always wanted to do.  My husband and I did not have the smoothest experience when we built our home.  I got into real estate to be the buffer for buyers and sellers, insuring them to have the great feeling they deserve.  With the Linda Zemler team I am able to do just that for you.




Maria Torres


Learn more about Maria, our Marketing/Short Sale Specialist


My name is Maria Torres and I am thrilled to be part of such a fantastic team.  I began working in real estate after having worked at a local law firm for 7 years as a senior legal clerk and moving back from France where I worked for the French Ministry of Education.  As soon as I began working with short-sales I immediately found a passion for them and obtained my real estate licence.

Aside from working in real estate, I work with my family’s business, Bellingham Bay Coffee Roasters, at the Bellingham Farmers Market and local events.  I treasure the Pacific Northwest my 2nd home; having moved to Bellingham from Bogota, Colombia.  I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my dog Chacco, reading, speaking Spanish & French, cooking, being active, and socializing with friends and family and mingling with our wonderful local community.

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